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Some information before booking

Yes, you’re almost there to book your nails at cutest nail bar in Utrecht. Our agenda is open for the following 3 weeks. Every week open spots will also be announced on Instagram. Please send an e-mail to if your have a special request or an event.

Nail art
You can check out the gallery or Instagram to get some inspiration.
If you have your own design that you would like to have book the custom nail art design.

Weak nails 
If your nails are weak, we would advice to book the gel polish manicure with strengthener. This will make sure your manicure will last longer.
Also make sure you use the cuticle oil twice a day. (available in the salon)

Please book your appointment with gel polish removal if you have any gel polish on. We don’t remove acrylic or gel nails in the salon.

No show & cancellation
I totally understand that sometimes things come up that make it difficult to make an appointment on time, or at all. I ask you to let me know 24 hours in advance if you need to cancel. Cancellations without the 24 hours notice will be charged 50% of the booked service. No show 100%.

Age restrictions
We don’t apply gel polish under the age of 16.

Book your fleeky nails

A little guide to choose your service. Everything is including a mini manicure.

  1. Gel Polish (GP) manicure = manicure, single colour, cuticle oil and hand cream
  2. GP with removal = removal, manicure, gel polish, cuticle oil and hand cream*
  3. GP with strengthener = manicure, single colour with an extra layer strengthener, cuticle oil and hand cream*
  4. Basic nail art = think of a minimalistic design like dots, stripes, glitters, each finger a different colour.
  5. Advanced nail art = Usually two colours; colour blocking, graphic design, foils, Picasso and simple animal prints
  6. Ultimate nail art = A mix of basic & advanced with more colours, drawings and foils. Think of flames, creative mess, eyeballs, animals
  7. Custom nail art = Anything you wish for, nail art themes. You can give me a theme and I will design something for you
  8. Accent nails = If you only want to have a few nails with art till max. 4 nails. You can pick choose between basic, advanced or ultimate*
  • Please note, to book the removal, strengthener and accent nails as extra.

Need us for events?

You can also book The Happy Toko for events like PR, festivals, babyshowers, bachelorette, etc.



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