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The Happy Toko

Modern Dalmatians nail art

I called this look the modern Dalmatians nail art. It is a well-known pattern and very fun to create. You can choose your own colours and mix it up by adding some extra bright colours. For this look I’ve chosen to work with a pink base and with black and neon orange spots. We love a good pink and orange mix!

Let’s get to work

  1. Prep your nails

    Start with prepping your nails. Push back the cuticles and file your nails in the desired shape.

  2. Basecoat

    Apply one layer of base coat. I like to use the bonder rubberised base coat.

  3. Base colour

    Apply two layers of the colour you like. For this look I used Orly “wink wink”. Make sure it’s dry enough to go on with the dots.

  4. Create the spots

    Use a dotter to create spots. Put a drop of nail polish on a palette or a piece of foil. Put your dotter in the polish and quickly add some spots. Do it nail by nail. Wipe your dotter on a cotton pad in-between and use some fresh polish on it. I’ve used melt your popsicle and liquid vinyl.

  5. Topcoat

    The spots need a bit more time to dry. Make sure your spots are dry enough to apply the top coat.

  6. Finish

    Finish your manicure with a cuticle oil or cream. Good luck!

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