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Klairs 2 in 1 cotton pad


The Klairs toner mate 2 in 1 cotton pads comes in a box with two types of pads: compressed cotton pad and a sponge pad. The cotton pads are perfectly for your skincare routine. The compressed pads are perfect to remover your make-up and the sponge pads are perfect to apply the toner. Check out the video to see the difference between a ‘normal’ cotton pad and these.

  • 60 compressed pads + 60 sponge pads





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How to use

The compressed cottonpads are made of 100% pure cotton. These pads are extremely strong and firm. They are wonderful as a first step in your skincare routine. They thoroughly cleanse and gently exfoliate the skin, so that the following products you use absorb better.

The sponge cotton pads are made of airlaid (natural) pulp fabric. They’re designed to act like a sponge. They retain lotions and return them back to the skin. Soft and flexible sponges that increase hydration with minimal waste. Best is to combine them with the Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner.



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