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The Happy Toko

Meet our new Brand Hurraw! We love brands that are vegan and cruelty free! And so are the creators of the brand Hurraw. They are famous for their lip balms made of vegan and organic ingredients. They come on lots of scents and treatments. Next to the lipbalms, we also have the aura balms. These jars are filled with shimmers for your eyes and cheeks.

Lip balms

I would say, try them all. We have a big range of scents and treatments of the Hurraw lip balms. They are Bee free, Shea free, Soy free and Palm free. The lip balms are very smooth and the don’t melt in the pocket of your jeans. We have the daily lip balms and for the night, spf and even with a subtle tint.

Aura balms

I’m a big sucker for highlighters. They give your face a subtle and healthy glow. The Hurraw aura balms are based on coconut. They are loaded with shimmers, not glittery or greasy. The glide on the skin with a silky and feather light feeling.

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