I’m a big fan of the Korean Skincare routine. Why? Because it works magical on your skin. I don’t get the same effect on my skin using the regular skincare products from here. The routine has 10 steps. TEN STEPS? Yes, the famous routine has 10 steps, but no worries you don’t have to do all steps every day. A couple of times a week would be great!

I will explain all steps with my favourite products:

Step 1: Cleansing – the oil cleanser
It’s the first step and helps to eliminates sebum and make up. You can either go for a cleansing oil or a balm.

Step 2: The water based cleanser
Yes, we’re still busy with the cleansing. This is also called the double cleanse. You can use either a foam or a gel cleanser. You will make your skin extra clean and radiant. If you’re having troubles with acne, then the Yadah anti trouble bubble cleanser is perfect.

Step 3: Exfoliate
You can get rid of the dead cells on your skin. Not necessary to to it every day but once or twice a week would be perfect. It will help you to maintain a clear and radiant skin. It will also help to absorb the rest of the products within the routine.

Step 4: Toner
The toner wil help to balance your skin to the pH level of your face. Your skin will the perfect canvas for the rest of the routine. Toner will help to hydrate the skin and is prepared for a maximum absorption of the products that will follow.

Step 5: Essence
The essence will nourish and renew your skin.

Step 6: Serum
Time to spoil your skin. You can choose a serum, based on what your skin needs. And of course you have a different serum for day and night.

Step 7: Sheet mask
The fun part! Well we don’t have the time to do it every day, but try too. Sheet masks will give your skin so much hydration and glow! These are our favourites.

Step 8: Eye cream
Prevent getting wrinkles with an eye cream.

Step 9: Moisturiser

Yes, you’re almost done. Time for your moisturiser! It will give your face so much hydration. If you’re having a trouble skin, your best choice is the Yadah anti T trouble. And of course for the night we use another moisturiser.

Step 10: Sunscreen – The final step!
Yes, you came down to the final step. Use the sunscreen with SPF on a daily base. Even when there’s when you don’t see the sun. Wearing SPF will protect your face and keep it young!

So this is the whole 10-step routine! I know we are all very busy, but give it a try to do it a couple of times in a week and see change on your skin. Doing all the steps is also very relaxing. You can make your daily steps shorter, if you don’t have enough time.

Short routine
For the short routine the following steps are a must: step 1, 2, 4, 9 and 10. Make sure you use the night moisturiser for the evening.

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