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The Happy Toko

Swipe of gold

This is an very easy nail tutorial to create some awesome swipes of gold on your nails. For this look I used the colour Peaches and Dreams and Golden girl from Orly. These colours are from the “Breathable” collection, so you don’t need to use a base and top coat.

How to

  1. Prep your nails

    Push back your cuticles and file your nails

  2. Paint your base colour

    Apply 2 layers of Peaches and dreams. Make sure that every layer is dry enough.

  3. Swipe of gold

    Lift your brush out of the bottle and wipe your brush on the edge of the bottle. Make a little swipe starting at the free edge of your nails. Repeat on all your nails.

  4. Nourish

    Nourish your nails with a cuticle oil or cream.

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