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The after care

The do's

The first 24 hours

Be especially careful in the first 24 hours afterapplication and avoid intense heat during thisperiod (e.g. saunas, hot bath, or sunbeds).

Nourish your nails

Use cuticle oil daily to keep your nails nourished,to stimulate growth and prevent lifting. Cuticle pens are available in The Happy Toko.

Rubber gloves

Always wear rubber gloves when washing up,cleaning or gardening.

Wash your hands

Always wash your hands thoroughly after beingin contact with chlorine, insect repellant orsunscreen.


Always return to salon for maintenance andremoval.

The dont's

What to avoid

Avoid long periods of time in water (e.g. longbaths, swimming, washing up).

Nails are not tools

Do not use your nails as tools (e.g. screwdriver, open cans)as this could lead to cracking or breaking.

No picking

Never pick or peel the product off as this coulddamage your natural nails



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